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We are handmade in NYC from components sourced from all over the world. We mix Swarovski crystals, stones, and chains to create statement jewelry you'll want to wear everyday. Sisoo is best blended with your own unique flair, whether it's dressed up or down, or layered with other pieces.  Our mission is to truly help you create your own one of a kind style.

"Sisoo" is a spin on the Finnish philosophy "sisu" which translates to "chutzpah", "intestinal fortitude", or "perseverance against all odds". Sisoo designer Sarah Johnson embraces her Finnish heritage and the sisu mentality, which has helped steer her professionally, creatively and personally throughout her life.


The Meaning of Sisoo

July 23, 2014

A sneak peak of the brand new Sisoo... 
Available for pre-order August 1st!

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Making Room for Sisoo 2.0

July 01, 2014

Big changes ahead for Sisoo! Last chance to buy any existing Sisoo styles. I've done an *extreme makeover* on the collection and everything that is on the site now will be gone for good very soon.

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